[Chuckles himself and sits down in the swing next to Jimmy] Well, then I'm glad I get to be the first. [swings a little] And it's okay if you're not comfortable sayin' it back right now. I already know that you like me and that makes me really happy.

*He’s quiet for a moment, idly swinging while he tries to process what just happened*

Y’know, where I come from, the word ‘love’ isn’t thrown around half as much as it is here. It, uh…means more, I guess. So, when you say you love somethin’, or someone…

*He finally meets Alfie’s eyes again* You see what I’m gettin’ at here?



So this is what happens when Natasha tells Clinton to go pick up their daughter from ballet lessons.


[Smiles warmly down at him, not joking at all. It isn't hard for him to say that he loves something but when it comes to people he's always believed if you're gonna say it it better be honest and true.] I love you. I honestly do. You're the first thing I think of in the mornin' and last thing at night. I know I'm not perfect but... I wanna try to be for you. I wanna be with you for a long time too, if you'd allow it.

*He blinks, opens his mouth, closes it, blinks again*

Not…perfect? *He lets out a breathy laugh, trying to sort out his thoughts* Angel, you’re close enough for me. Try any harder and I might start thinkin’ you’re not real. I…

*He averts his gaze, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly* No one’s ever said that to me before.

[Chuckles and nods] Yea. It's been goin' on forever too. If it was any bigger it'd be a sun. [continue to give Jimmy pushes, until he finally gets the nerve to say what he's been dying to say. He grabs the chain and stops the swing, leaning down and whispering softly into Jimmy's ear] I love you, James. I truly and honestly do.

*For a moment, he’s speechless, completely caught off-guard. He turns to look at Alfie with confused eyes, almost like he’s checking to see if there’s a joke he missed, but he doesn’t see one, and he’s not sure how to react*


*is all he manages to say*






I wasted a few minutes trying to remember what episode of Doctor Who this related to and then realized it was about Titanic…

I wasted a few minutes trying to figure out why Rose and Jack would be in the Titanic episode when that’s season 4.

I tried to click the reblog button in the picture.


Whovians are a mess.

Nope. [Grins and gets behind him and gives Jimmy a push] Jovie like Jovian. Like Jupiter. I told you like astronomy, right? You remind me of Jupiter because Jupiter is strong and mighty and so beautiful. Like you.

Ruggedly handsome. *Corrects him playfully, lightly swinging his legs* But yeah, guess I can see it. Jupiter’s cool. It’s got that badass storm, too.


oatmeal cooked with flax, molasses, and vanilla soy milk, topped with thawed mixed berries, green and red grapes, and earl grey tea with vanilla soy



hello 911 yes i touched wet food while doing the dishes i’d like surgery to remove my hand

[Smiles at the stolen kiss and laces their fingers together, leading Jimmy out the door. Is enjoying the cool night air and for once silent with a warm smile on his face. Is looking up at the stars during most of their walk until they come to a playground. Leads Jimmy to the swing set, letting go of his hand] Sit down. Lemme give ya a push, Jovie.

Jovie? *He raises a brow, plopping down on the swing and absently kicking his legs* You mean like Bon Jovi?

-starts bringing in boxes of stuff, mostly make up, shoes, and clothes- Where can I put my stuff?

You can put it in my room. Figure we can keep the guest room for the kid.

*He still buzzes with anxiety every time he remembers he’s going to have a child, but he tries to hide it as best he can*

[Chuckles and shakes his head] No. Nothin' important. Just wanna spend some time with you is all. [Holds out his hand for Jimmy to take] I know a great spot where we can see the stars, where the lights aren't to bright.

*He looks a little relieved, and takes Alfie’s hand, setting the book down on the table so he can read it later. Once he’s up he sneaks a kiss, just because he can, and grins*

Lead the way, angel.

First meme)) Alfred would stare in shock for about a second, then see red. Instantly going to attack the abuser, most likely killing them. Then quickly start patching up Jimmy and making sure he okay and most likely be crying for the both of them and just a lot of emtions from Alfred and maybe Jimmy.

And Jimmy would undoubtedly wave it off like it’s nothing, even if he looks like crap, insisting that he’s fine and trying to calm Alfred down. Maybe make a few jokes about it even and tell him not to worry so much, he’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. Even when he can’t.

Shower meme)) Depends on Alfred mood that day. On one hand, he'll probably join you and maybe if things lead that way. Shower sex. But on the other hand, he'll probably steal all the towels and then flush the toilet. <3

Jimmy would be all for shower sex.

If Al stole all the towels and flushed the toilet he’d chase him, ass-naked, all through the house and tackle him.

Hey, Jimmy. Wanna come with me on a walk? I know it's late but the stars are out! [Hopeful smile]

Hm? *He looks up at him over the edge of the book he’s reading—Dr. Seuss, whom he’s been reading a lot of since he discovered him—and blinks*

Is there a special occasion I forgot about? Because if there is, I totally didn’t forget about it. I was just waiting for you to say something. *Sheepish smile*